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Just not on the block Ray Ban Cases Well, do not even go out to buy breakfast, only to call takeaway. Damn, pizza or just do it when delicious ah. Lin Yun gas bulging cheeks, stood up and sat up from the couch, picked up the tray from the legs tasted the soup spoon, immediately narrowed eyes, nodded and said : have to say, or do, Ms delicious meal. It is natural, Star Cases think as long as individuals have to do more than you delicious meal. Shao Xiaofei quips. Lin Yun a stare, pick up the chopsticks in a bowl casually poked : Unfortunately, no pizza, Star Cases eat pizza, eat beef cheese pizza it!
Ms Shaw is turned into the kitchen, after a while child, holding a large tray to go back. Lin Yun Yi Zheng, unexpected way: Pizza ? Ms, you call a takeout ? No, ah, Star Cases myself. Ms Shaw smiled, threw aside the apron off, and then pick up the pizza cut, gave Lin Yun a chunk. Lin Yun eat one, shaking his head speechless said: authentic, than the Star Cases biggest house in the empire do Pizza Hut pizza but also delicious. Waner, it really is you do? Can not see ah, you did well this cooking.




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